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[79], Author Andrew Grant Jackson describes Rubber Soul as a "synthesis of folk, rock, soul, baroque, proto-psychedelia, and the sitar". Starr actually stated the main difference was, “we are white” which pretty much summed it up. [136][174] The lyrical theme is jealousy, and Lennon later disavowed the song as a misogynistic piece. Among its many appearances on critics' best-album lists, Rolling Stone ranked it fifth on the magazine's 2012 list "The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time". "[290] In author David Howard's description, "pop's stakes had been raised into the stratosphere" by Rubber Soul, resulting in a shift in focus from singles to creating albums without the usual filler tracks. Oldies Major Artists Genres & Styles Top Picks 60s Hits 70s Hits Rock Music Pop Music Alternative Music Classical Music Country Music Folk Music Rap & Hip Hop Rhythm & Blues World Music Punk Music Heavy Metal Jazz ", "Cash Box Top 100 Singles – Week ending April 2, 1966", "Deconstructing Pop Culture: How Many Records Did the Beatles Actually Sell? [15] In addition to citing it as the precedent for early experimental works by bands including Love and Jefferson Airplane, Decker writes that Rubber Soul presented "a variety of techniques hitherto unexplored in popular music" while encouraging listeners "to be cognizant of more flexible dimensions of pop music and to desire and expect them as well". "[319], Rubber Soul was released on compact disc on 30 April 1987,[343] with the fourteen-song track line-up now the international standard. 01.06.2011 WERMELSKIRCHEN Kattwinkelsche Fabrik. [97][111] The song reflects the existential concerns raised by his experiences with LSD, and, like "I'm a Loser" and "Help! [255], Critical response to Rubber Soul was highly favourable. Beatles Rubber Soul album cover Music Album Cover Silk Poster 24x24inch-60x60cm Unframe ALBUMTT. As soon as it dropped in December 1965, Albums in the core catalogue are marked in, Appearances on best-album lists and further recognition. We'd all been outflanked ..."[297][nb 22], Author George Case, writing in his book Out of Our Heads, identifies Rubber Soul as "the authentic beginning of the psychedelic era". Everything that was worthwhile got down to this one, love, love thing. McCartney recalled the band's reaction: "That's it, Rubber So-o-oul, hey hey! Most of the songs on Rubber Soul were composed soon after the Beatles' return to London following their August 1965 North American tour. Even the cover was innovative, in part due to the fact that “we were full-fledged potheads,” as George Harrison mused. [293] According to Steve Turner, by galvanising the Beatles' most ambitious rivals in Britain and America, Rubber Soul launched "the pop equivalent of an arms race". [91] In their joint lead vocals, McCartney and Lennon sing dissonant harmonies,[92] a quality that is furthered by Harrison's entrance and signifies what Everett terms a "new jazzy sophistication … in the vocal arrangement". Shipping and handling. The original photo for the cover of Rubber Soul. The songs themselves are like little Pop Art vignettes, where the lyrics are starting to match the quality of the melodies and arrangements. [199], Rubber Soul was issued on EMI's Parlophone label on 3 December 1965. and Rubber Soul. [136] McCartney, who claims to have written much of the melody, recalled that the song's musical inspiration came from Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. [197], The distinctive lettering was created by illustrator Charles Front,[198] who recalled that his inspiration was the album's title: "If you tap into a rubber tree then you get a sort of globule, so I started thinking of creating a shape that represented that, starting narrow and filling out. Sample from "In My Life", including a portion of the piano solo. [235][236][237] Everett writes that in the US the album's "hit" was "Michelle", through its popularity on radio playlists. [246][nb 17] In July, Parlophone released an EP titled Nowhere Man,[247] which comprised "Nowhere Man", "Michelle" and two other songs from Rubber Soul. [60] The lyrics evoke Lennon's youth in Liverpool and reflect his nostalgia for a time before the onset of international fame. Rubber Soul, Parlophone, PMC 1267, December 3, 1965, mono. [60][64] According to musicologist Walter Everett, some of the vocal arrangements feature the same "pantonal planing of three-part root-position triads" adopted by the Byrds, who had initially based their harmonies on the style used by the Beatles and other British Invasion bands. '"[148], Like "You Won't See Me" and "We Can Work It Out", "I'm Looking Through You" focuses on McCartney's troubled relationship with Asher. [97] The lyrics sketch a failed meeting between the singer and a mysterious girl, where she goes to bed and he sleeps in the bath. The jacket was a favorite of Lennon’s in 1965 during the height of Beatlemania. [48] To mimic the sound of a harpsichord on "In My Life", after Lennon had suggested he play something "like Bach",[51] Martin recorded the piano solo with the tape running at half-speed. [121] The song's accusatory message was unprecedented in the Beatles' work;[121] Jackson identifies it as the band's contribution to a "subgenre" of protest songs that emerged in 1965, in which artists railed against "oppressive conformity itself" rather than political issues. [113] It was the first Beatles song to completely avoid boy–girl relationships,[94][114] and through Lennon conveying his feelings of inadequacy in the third person,[115] the first example of a literary character in the Beatles' work. [53] In this way, the Beatles used the recording studio as a musical instrument, an approach that they and Martin developed further with Revolver. The "small stereo size" release of The Beatles' "Rubber Soul" only came in covers from Garrod & Lofthouse. The Beatles, 'Rubber Soul, "A Brief History of The Studio As An Instrument: Part 2 – Tomorrow Never Knows", "Why Do Beatles Fans Care So Much About Mono? "[265], In another review that Richard Williams later cited as an example of the British pop press not being "quite ready" for the album, Melody Maker found the Beatles' new sound "a little subdued" and said that tracks such as "You Won't See Me" and "Nowhere Man" "almost get monotonous – an un-Beatle-like feature if ever there was one". [163] MacDonald writes that, although Lennon and McCartney would most likely have viewed the subject matter as dated even in June, the group's performance gives the song the required "drive and character" for Rubber Soul, particularly Starr's approach to the rhythm changes between its contrasting sections. The project marked a progression in the band's treatment of the album format as an artistic platform, an approach they continued to develop with Revolver and Sgt. I may even get one for myself. 5 … Paul McCartney came up with the title after hearing an American musician describe the singing style of Mick Jagger as being “plastic soul.” Ringo Starr later stated in a radio interview that the title was, in a way, an acknowledgment that when compared to American soul artists, any British act trying to do the same just didn’t have the right ingredients. "Rubber Soul" is album six, and here, The Beatles start to change - there's still a clutch of songs, but they all form a coherent whole, as opposed to being an assortment of random material recorded 'on the run' mid tour, as well as being one of the first that contains no cover versions. I agree, Rubber Soul is also my favourite album cover. [35][nb 2] "Day Tripper" and "We Can Work It Out" were also recorded during the Rubber Soul sessions, but issued separately on a non-album single.

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