With these rules the Camping Sur En Team would like to provide you with the tools for a pleasant and restful stay. May we ask that you read the following carefully so that you may contribute to the quality of our beautiful site.

Rules & Regulations :

Presence at the camp site assumes tacit acceptance of these rules as well as of General Public Law.

Management may take action to ensure compliance with rules regarding quiet, order and cleanliness, may issue a warning, and reserves the right to terminate the stay of a guest whose behaviour is deemed unsuitable.

Registration, Arrival and Departure :

Every camper is obliged to register on arrival and provide identification if requested to do so. This also applies to the guests of long-term campers.

Arrival is possible at any time of the day or night, check-out is by 12 noon.

Rental accomodation may be occupied from 16h00 on day of arrival and must be vacated by 10h00 on day of departure.

Fees :

Fees for long-term campers are set by contract.

For all other guests the fees are to be paid by the evening before departure at the latest.

Guests who depart after 12 noon may be charged for another full day.


Children under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, or must have the written consent of their parent/guardian.

Motor Vehicles:

Cars and towing vehicles may only be in the camping area for loading and unloading purposes, thereafter they are to be parked in one of the marked parking spaces along the road.

The maximum speed allowed is walking pace.


All facilities may only be used for their intended purpose.

Waste water may not be allowed to run out onto the ground.

Caravans must have waste water containers which are to be emptied regularly.

Sanitary facilities are to be left clean and tidy.

Children under six years of age may only use the sanitary facilities under supervision.

Pets :

Pets must be kept on a leash or in a cage at all times.

The owner is responsible for the cleanliness, care and behaviour of their pets.

Pets are not allowed in the sanitary facilities.

The toilet needs of pets are to be attended to outside of the camping area and any fouling is to be removed immediately by the owner.

Noise :

No noise is allowed between 22h00 and 07h00.


It is forbidden to have open fires  or to set off fireworks within the campsite.

Braziers are available for a fee from management.


All damage to third-party property must be paid for by the responsible person.

Management accepts no liability for accidents, theft or damage due to the use of damaged or unsuitable equipment.

Management also accepts no responsibility for damage due to Force Majeure.

Duty to Report :

Accidents, damage to facilities and installations as well as other unusual events must be reported to management immediately.

Long-term pitches :

Objects such as pavilions, benches, deck chairs etc, which are not on the measured pitch, are only allowed during the guest’s visit.

Garbage Disposal :

Garbage must be disposed of appropriately using the specified garbage bags.

17l garbage bags : CHF 1.30
35l garbage bags : CHF 2.60

Cancellation Policy:

Camping Pitches

may be cancelled in writing at any time up to and including the day of arrival by 18h00.

To avoid misunderstandings, please cancel by e-mail, not by telephone.

In the case of cancellation the deposit is forfeited.

Rental Accomodation

Rental agreements may be cancelled in writing at any time before the due arrival date.

To avoid misunderstandings, please cancel by e-mail, not by telephone.

In the case of cancellation the following terms and conditions apply :

  • up to 28 days before booked arrival – the CHF 50.00 deposit is non-refundable ;
  • less than 28 days in advance – the full rental amount is due.
  • in the case of the rental accomodation not being ready, management is only liable for compensation up to the amount agreed upon for the rental concerned.